A brace of Beezas….

….and each in different styles. While my own quest for a “classic” and affordable British thumper continues I’ve been peeling-off from aeroplanes as art-subjects and leaning towards motorcycles. But beasts of a certain vintage as the modern motorcycle leaves me cold. My quest for a less “literal” style of art continues – although you wouldn’t know it from the first painting here.This is a BSA 500cc “Sloper” of the early 1930’s  painted at the request of the proud owner. Lucky man!



Recently a pal got it touch having discovered a sad and neglected old BSA 250cc of the same vintage as the Sloper and sent me a snap of the hulk languishing in a cellar “somewhere in Scotland”. Unfortunately, after enquiries, the bike was confirmed as not for sale.The photo was however quite inspiring and led to the pic below. Pretty chuffed with this as a step forward in my search for a less photographic rendering. Watercolours again, but this time copying the photograph directly onto the paper with no pre-drawing in pencil. A dark satanic Beeza which remains in its cellar still. But a wee picture I’m pleased to say is mine. We won’t dwell on the somewhat increased fork-rake. Artistic Licence, see!

Barn Find

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