The Scottish Railway Preservation Society’s acquisition and unveiling of this Stanier 8F was keenly followed by many Bo’Ness “enthusiasts” recently.


Eight Eff

All the way from Turkey it came – although born in Glasgow. I’m not holding my breath until it’s seen running, but it IS a most impressive beast. We were at Bo’Ness yesterday too and took a trip to the new End of the Line station at Manuel and thence back, with a rather less impressive DIESEL loco. I’m not keen on them so didn’t even take a snap of it. Diesel, Schmeisell……

A bit of the Dark Satanic Mills about this area of West Lothian, where the visual highlight is the Grangemouth petro-chemical works….

Wee Bo';Ness

So out for a spin on the Fixed today as start to the Post-Christmas self-indulgence, Mighty Expanding Gut banishment regime.

We’re just a few miles south of Bo’ness here at the Union Canal, complete with its solid topping. Fairly chilly!

Fixed at Canal.

2 thoughts on “Bo’Ness

  1. Allan, on the trip to Manuel, as you got close to the M9, you would have crossed the viaduct over the River Avon with Avonbank Farm on your west side. The Melville’s scramble course, where I remember looking out for the occasional steam loco as I worked on course setup or at the actual events, over 50 years ago.

    • Hi Tom

      A great New Year to the entire Miltonians!
      It was a dreich day with the light fading by the return journey but I can remember the viaduct, was gazing out and DO remember the area described. However, I didn’t have your historical perspective on the view. But I shall now make sure I’m on the line again at the next opportunity. Hopefully being drawn by steam. One of my first ever meetings was at a muddy Avonbank where I was at some disadvantage on the big hill – and on the big Goldie. I do have the image of Jimmy McRae on HIS Gold Star (wearing a brown top!) with me yet
      Now I’m off to study a large scale map……… Cheers the noo!

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