As a pro. photographer, probably the least thing I can think about posting here is a mere photograph. But we dropped into Dysart yesterday and on a grey day this seemed to be a most fine sculpture at the harbour. As with most photies created these days – no camera was abused.


Grey Sculpture

Even wrinklies can get something with a PHONE…….

2 thoughts on “a PHOTOGRAPH?

  1. Thanks, Allan, for this and your prior email with a splendid painting of an aeroplane and the bridge in Bosnia. You did send me a Christmas card. But what about a Caley Jumbo and a bridge in Peebles?

    Anyhow, all the best to you and Ruthie in 2015. Hope we can meet up ere long.


    PS Today’s FT crossword 14 Across “Previously at midnight getting highly excited (4 letters)” –

    Answer – AGOG

    Incidentally, studying the picture, it seems the plane would have to be much higher and further away to cast the shadow on the far bank. Is that one of the errors?


  2. Hi Tom! All the best to you and yours too! I just bought a book of Caley locos yesterday at Bo’Ness, so perhaps a Jumbo will follow indeed.
    I never could do crosswords- especially, I suspect, in the FT. Capable of a few though………
    The Curse of The Shadow. I hope that’s OK as it’s supposed to be a low winter light – but I’m rubbish with shadows, so you may well be right.
    My errors here are – the bridge was mined by the Austro-Hungarians in 1914 and the far side SHOULD have 2 spans missing. Plus the Drina’s level has risen to the level shown after hydro-electric dams were installed upstream and down. There should be 4 or 5 feet more pillars showing. Tosser!
    No matter – the thing is painted in oils so I’ll adjust to authentic levels for 1918. Still, that shadow…..

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