Loosen Up!

Some wee drawings of late in an attempt to get less totally representational. The one thing that scunners me about my chosen sphere of Aero-Art is its almost total adherence to photographic representation. I include myself in this, more’s the pity, and would love to discover the way to break out of it.


Pens and BrushPens at the moment. I suspect strong drink would help too. Recently I was led towards smooth gesso-primed boards and they certainly allow tiny detail to be incorporated in a small painting. But is that what I really want?



What to do, eh?

4 thoughts on “Loosen Up!

  1. Hi Al, how to loosen up? You would go towards semi-abstract in style. Drink quite a lot then be prepared to waste a couple of canvases. Lash plenty paint about and finish it in less than 3 hours. Don’t look at a photo reference, but paint a plane you know well.

  2. I read a great book years ago but I can’t remember the title I’m afraid Al. it involved drawing something, only with a sheet of paper between you and your drawing so you can’t see what you are drawing. It was all about ‘seeing’ the subject, and trusting your eye to hand. Now there’s a whole mind bending way to loosen up!!

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