Scrubs Up Well…….


To continue just the once more with the Pre-65 Scottish – a Swedish owned Royal Enfield that looks almost recognisable (forks excepted!) having a shower.
A 500cc at that, amongst all the other 350cc Enfields competing.
Francis-Barnetts used to be resplendent in a green livery too and the Ariel below is flanked by a pair of them. Naturally these never saw the Fanny-B factory either but it’s the thought that counts. Both infinitely better than any original F-B for the purpose.

wee Ariel

The sharp eye will spot a “James” in the background too.
Its just lovely to see and hear all the old and not-so old stuff that is ridden here. Virtually all British (English!) too.
Here’s a view of folks awaiting their turn at the next section. Velo, Matchless and a “Bantam” behind. Just joyous!


As a good European I have to show this delightful wee 240cc JAWA too….


…and that’s about it for this year’s Pre-65. Back to Human-power for MY 2-wheel-ing. Regrettably………..

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