A Stream of Consciousness…

A Sunday Morning’s walk along the foreshore at Silverknowes last week. I stopped to take this shot as this is a stream that takes me back to my days of Trials riding with pals and of the skills we would try to improve on by riding up this feet-up.


It’s a bit more overgrown than in those days of yore but the real tragedy is that whilst we would ride to this and have a couple of hours practicing in the stream-bed, to do so nowadays would bring down all manner of legal censure. i.e. We’d all get the jail!
It’s nice to think I’ve been up this stream on my Montesa, Tommy’s Ariel HT5,
Stan’s Greeves Anglian and all manner of Bultaco’s.
But sad that nobody can or would attempt such a thing nowadays.
Interesting too that a half-mile further East is an enclave of Transits and Caravans drawn up in a defensive circle on the public grasslands.
No problem there then……..