Engineering Beauty!



I still get misty-eyed over my first true scrambles bike and after a recent web-trawl I just had to download this fantastic picture and put it here.
There has positively NEVER been a more beautiful competition bike than a 500 BSA Gold Star.
I bought mine for £149 Quid, raced it for two seasons and traded it in for a trials Montesa.
I got £65 for it against the trials bike.
If you could find a good scrambles Goldie these days you’d pay approximately £10K for one.
Here’s an excessively-happy 18 year-old with his freshly-purchased used Gold Star ready for a season of competition.
The detached retina would come a season later and lead to its unfortunate trade-in.
Ah! well.
All those streets at Balbirnie in Edinburgh have gone now too. Progress…….

Gold Star

4 thoughts on “Engineering Beauty!

  1. Nice bikes. I wish I had had the chance to scare myself on one of these. When you think of how plentiful they were …..! I remember going to a classic scramble near Chippenham in the early nineties. Vic Allan won on a beautiful restored GS and somebody told me it was owned by a guy in Haddington (I think).

    Anyway, Bultaco sold to J McK and I hope to deliver it in two weeks or so. Will be in Edin for a few days so hope we can meet up for lunch or dinner. Bye the noo. Tommy

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    • Brilliant on all counts!
      I know of the Goldie – Man of East Lothian but I keep forgetting his name. Bob Pearson, perhaps?
      He also built the ex Vickie Gold Star Metisse that George Hodge rode.
      George let me have a wee birrl round the paddock on that one. A flyer.
      See you soon then!!


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