The Two Bridges Run

Forth B.

That’s a cycle over the Forth Bridge, along through Fife to the Kincardine Bridge and back to Edinburgh via Grangemouth and Bo’Ness. No matter how many times I’ve done it I’ve never managed to get the journey to break the 90K. Until today – which involved a wee bit of canal path exploring. Until I could take a snap of The Kelpies……………



.. and that’s not all that’s new when you pass through Grangemouth. A plastic ( I assume) Spitfire. A Mark One or Two. Just the fellows who were first in action in WW2 when the Rosyth Dockyards were attacked by JU 88s. Or not attacked in reality.
Before the building of the oil refineries there was an aerodrome here. With Spitfires. Westland Whirlwinds came here too.



So, all in all, not a bad wee cycle. But next time Ill do it when it’s warmer. Bloody freezing today.

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